Newsletter September 2019

A series of ring ropes shown at our West End gym along the back brick wall.


Greetings W.E.S. Members, 

Another month of training in the books.  Congratulations!  We hope you are getting the right combination of suffering, hardship, growth and achievement.  Not so much on this months agenda so we will keep it short and sweet.


Concept 2 Bike Erg

This month we welcomed a new order of equipment to our West End gym.  It was nice to fill out a few holes in the sets of KB’s, DB’s, BB’s and bumpers but you could be forgiven for not really having noticed.  Most of you probably are aware that we have a new bike.  The Concept 2 Bike Erg has been extremely popular and has run hot in almost every workout opportunity.  As a result we will definitely be ordering another one soon so look forward to more smooth cycling action in your future conditioning.

While we try to numb ourselves to certain kinds of feedback (“I don’t like doing cardio”) the Concept 2 bike seems like a good opportunity to highlight the kind of feedback we are interested in (“I really like doing my cardio on that new bike”).  If you think we need more of our existing gear or there is something we don’t have that you think would make the gym better and your training happier/harder please let us know.


Cardio Sessions

We have been very impressed with the fitness gains being achieved during our cardio focus sessions.  We had a particularly tough one this last week.  We don’t expect everyone to show up beaming and euphoric but it is an important aspect of our training.  A frown, pout, complaint or attempt at negotiation followed by acceptance and getting it done is also fine.


Secondary Training Focus

Our secondary focus this month is core activation during our compound lifts.  It’s great to have a six pack or to be able to do 500 situps but this doesn’t necessarily translate to an active core during a complex movement.  As well as helping you to lift heavier weights an active core will protect your spine from injury.  So while we will definitely work to build some core strength there could be just as much magic in applying the strength you already have to your lifts by being more aware and focusing on more activation.



Save the date – Sunday 24th November we will be holding  the  first W.E.S Christmas party.

We will also be holding our second members breakfast next month, date to be confirmed.


Member Spotlight

Yvette Roe – We wanted to wish Yvette the best of luck for her upcoming 100km run. She has been training hard and on 21st September Yvette will take part in Surf Coast Century 2019.

Welcome to the new members who have started this month.  We hope you are finding your feet with your training and enjoying the company of your fellow group members.

And thanks to everyone else for sticking at it.  The weather will start picking up and we are looking forward to some exciting developments over the next few months.


Your trainers, 

Jess & Joel