Newsletter October 2020

Good afternoon everyone, ​

We love a good inspirational quote. Here’s one to start this edition of the newsletter;

“It’s what you do in the darkness that shines in the light”

Someone else may have said it first but we heard it on the latest season of HBO’s “Hard Knocks”.  It’s a good one that can be applied to the training you do when no one is watching, the time and effort put into recovery sessions or the discipline of keeping a good diet.

If you come across any quotes you think are great please feel free to email them through to us (  Jess is a sucker for any kind of ship metaphor/analogy so something like that will definitely get our attention.

Reopening Breakfast

Thanks for coming along and joining us for breakfast last Saturday.  We want to say a big thank you to everyone for supporting us during the shut down and helping us to rebound as restrictions have lifted.  We hope everyone who came along got some combination of a good training session, a bit of a social mingle with your fellow W.E.S. members and/or a tasty feed.


Last week we commenced our next Strength Phase working towards our testing weeks in November. As we approach the next cycle here are a couple of points to keep in mind;

  • Please use the percentages as a guide.  If the weights feel especially heavy scale them back into something that feels right for you.​
  • We are not trying to go to failure each time we lift.

We will finish the cycle testing heavy lifts but will spread the max days across two weeks. At this stage the testing is being programmed as follows;

  • ​Week 1) 9/11 – 15/11: Back Squat, Bench Press, Max Pull Ups & 30sec Sprint
  • Week 2) 16/11 – 22/11: Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Max Push Ups & Endurance 2000m Row/Ski or 5000m Bike Erg

As we come towards the last part of the year there can be extra obstacles and impediments to training.  It’s easy to find excuses and they often feel very legitimate but we encourage everyone to strive towards consistency and prioritise steady, measured progress over aggressive cycles of boom and bust.  Picture showing off that rippling beach body to your fellow members in the Flint Manor pool at the W.E.S. Christmas party.

Beyond the Whiteboard

As we approach a new strength style we wanted to remind everyone to log as many of their workouts as possible, particularly your strength numbers.

Complementary BTWB access is provided for the unlimited (peak and off peak) weekly memberships.

If you do not have access and would like to begin using BTWB please get in touch with Jess @

Member Highlight

Helen has been a quality acquisition for W.E.S.  She most regularly trains with the 9:30am crew.  We loved this picture she sent us. Keeping up the training while on holidays with some coconut slams.   Thanks Helen.

W.E.S Christmas Party

In a flash it will be Christmas. Before everyone’s calendars start to book up we wanted to send out a save the date for the W.E.S Christmas Party. We were thinking we would celebrate 2 years in business in November as well as having a Christmas party but we have decided to combine the two into one “MEGA EVENT”……

Date: Sunday 13th December

Time: From 11:00am

Location: “Flint Manor”, West End.  This one will not be at the gym sorry.  There will be a pool.   There will be a single set of gymnastic rings to appease the hard heads.

Further details provided closer to the date.

Inspiring Weightlifting Documentary

“Do you even lift? Meet the baby boomers breaking records in power lifting.”

This is the tag line for the SBS documentary “Raising the Bar”
If you are curious you can check it out via the link below;


If you have a chance to watch it and like it please let us know.  If you see something in the same genre which you think other members might find motivational or inspiring please send it through.

We hope you are living well and having some fun despite everything that is going on right now.

We look forward to seeing you at the gym.


Jess & Joel