Newsletter October 2019

A clear shot of the layout of our main floor showing various equipment.


Good Afternoon W.E.S Crew,

Another month has come and gone. We are bit slow off the block with this months newsletter but there is a lot to include. Here is an update on whats been happening and what you can expect for the month to come.


General Training

We are a couple of months in to the new programming structure.  We hope you are finding it the right balance of strength and conditioning. Towards the second half of this month we will begin a new strength phase that will take us through to the Christmas break. A lot of you will be familiar with Jim Wendler and the 5/3/1 programming we have done previously. We are scheduled to work through two cycles of this program before the end of the year. 


Secondary Training Focus

This month we are working on static weighted holds. Expect to see more dead hangs, farmers holds and other forms of KB holds. Great for strengthening both the forearms and the mind.

Throughout September we introduced the concept of ‘Grease the Groove’ using the Push Up technique. This is something I would like to continue in our programming with the technique focus changing over time.

Grease the Groove is a principle followed by “Strong First”, a School of Strength we acknowledge and respect. The concept is to “train often but never to failure” ( There is a focus on perfecting the movement and doing less repetitions at a time. As we continue our secondary emphasis of this approach be mindful of the number of reps you are using and the effect the later reps are having on your quality of movement.  We would much rather see a few high quality repetitions than a large number of reps which progressively deteriorate.


Influx Gym Management & Class Booking Software

Thank you to everyone who is already using our gym management software Influx. At this stage we are still trialling the software but the feedback we have received is very positive. 

With our peak time slot classes regularly approaching their maximum of ten and our membership continuing to grow we have realised we will need to have a system in place to manage attendance sooner rather than later.

We envision having to transition to stricter booking policies in the future so we want to get our existing members familiar and comfortable using the app so that they can continue to train at the most ideal times possible.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you have missed receiving an invite.


Open gym time

One of the awesome features of the Influx software is that it allows us to schedule open gym time and for members to book to come in during those times.  We have now programmed a number of Open Gym slots on the timetable, something unique amidst the local West End gyms.  We have made these available to anyone who has an unlimited membership.  If you are on unlimited you should see these slots when you open the Influx App. 

Please feel free to book these slots and come in to complete missed workouts or your own accessory sessions.  Please be conscious of the space during these times (we will be doing PT sessions during a lot of them) and be sure to leave the gym and equipment as you found them.


New Trainer

You may have heard that we are in conversations with a new group trainer to join our team. Commencing Monday 14th October Carola will be shadowing either Joel or I during our group sessions. It is envisaged that Carola will take all group sessions one day a week.

Carola has been a Personal Trainer in a gym in the city, has a background in Rugby Union and is a West End local. We hope you will appreciate the mix in trainers and the energy she brings to the gym. We look forward to welcoming Carola.


W.E.S & B.C.C

The public notice period has ended for the Development Approval application. We believe we should have an outcome of this process towards the end of the month. Thank you for your patience during this period and for remaining mindful of our noise.



Our second members breakfast date is on hold at this stage as we are await the outcome of the DA. We hope to be getting in touch with a plan for a celebration very soon.

It’s hard to believe it is now October and Christmas is just around the corner. A reminder we will be holding the W.E.S Christmas Party on Sunday 24th November. We have managed to secure a booking at a sought after venue located in Whynot St, West End. 

Finally we would like to welcome the new members who have started this month. We hope you are finding your feet with your training and enjoying the company of your tremendous fellow group members.

The days are getting warmer, and the mornings lighters so it’s a great time to be in the gym. 

Enjoy the month ahead!


Your trainers, 

Jess & Joel