Newsletter November 2019

A trainer using a bench press rack and bench set.


Good Afternoon W.E.S Crew, 

Another month and a bit down and we are getting closer to that Christmas period. It’s the time of year where your motivation can easily wane.  Keep working hard and before you know it will be holiday time and your only duties will include heavy dosages of rest and sleep.


Welcome Carola

We would like to officially welcome Carola to the West End Strength gym team. We hope most of you have met her by now and her training sessions on Mondays are providing you with a powerful and positive start to your week. We love having Carola on the team. She brings great energy to the mix and we hope you can all take advantage of her knowledge of and passion for fitness.


General Training

We are three weeks in to the first cycle of the 5/3/1 programming and are seeing quite a few extras reps being achieved in the plus sets. Congratulations! With this structure of strength training there is a little bit of time required for calculating and planning your sets. If you work through your 5/3/1 efficiently though and find you have time left over you may wish to reduce the load and complete a few extra sets at 5 or 3 reps. We suggest though keeping in mind what conditioning or secondary strength piece is to follow. 


Upstairs Area

We have recently cleared the space upstairs. If you arrive early to class and are looking for a space to stretch/foam roll please feel free to access this area. You may wish to take a foam roller, trigger point tool or stretch band upstairs with you.


Warmer Weather

As the weather starts to warm up and our sessions are becoming sweatier we would like to remind you to bring your water bottles and towels. There are times when we are working in partners or sharing equipment with other members that we ask you to be mindful of wiping away excess sweat. If you do happen to forget a towel we have some spares in the cupboard and are happy for you to use them. 


Gym Waivers

Thanks to everyone who has completed their waivers at the gym on the tablet.  We now have the facility to email waivers and sign/store them digitally.  If you have not yet completed your waiver expect to see an email from Influx very shortly.  It is a new feature and has been slightly temperamental so if you have trouble getting the form to submit please try completing it in the following order;

1. Digital signature;

2. Check terms and conditions box;

3. Submit waiver form.


Influx – Signing in for Class & Open Gym

Our trial of the gym management software Influx has been very successful.  We will begin to adopt more features and it will allow us to offer more to you as a member.

To help us get fully up and running we would like to ask you to get into the habit of booking your classes and open gym sessions via the app.  Currently we have set the booking limit to seven days meaning sessions can be booked a week in advance.

We also ask you to do your best to sign yourself in via the tablet when you arrive at the gym.  The software does not allow members to sign in to a session once it has already started so if you arrive late please ask Jess/Joel/Carola to sign you in.


W.E.S Christmas Party

November is here, which means our Christmas party is on in less than two weeks. We are looking forward to celebrating a successful (Jess might say “fun”) year of training with everyone and thank you all for your support. It will be very casual, partners and kids welcome. Table tennis, pool and maybe some lawn burpees.


Christmas Closure Dates

Our last structured group training for the year will be Monday 23rd December with Tuesday 24th being an Open Gym. We will be closed for one week, reopening Thursday 2nd January 2020. Please see below for detailed operating hours of the Christmas/New Year period. For the open gyms we will provide a workout on the board. 

  • Mon 23/12: Group Classes – 5am, 6am, 9:30am & 5:30pm

  • Tues 24/12: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Wed 25/12: CLOSED

  • Thurs 26/12: CLOSED

  • Fri 27/12: CLOSED

  • Sat 28/12: CLOSED

  • Mon 30/12: CLOSED

  • Tues 31/12: CLOSED

  • Wed 01/01: CLOSED

  • Thurs 02/01: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Fri 03/01: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Sat 04/01: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions


We encourage you to train hard up to the break then enjoy some well earned rest over Christmas. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

Enjoy the month ahead!


Your trainers, 

Jess & Joel