Newsletter July 2020

Inside view of West End Strength with new training cells


Good afternoon Everyone, 

We would like to start by apologising for having skipped a couple of newsletters.  We have been working away to evolve and adapt the gym through some strange times and communication has fallen off.  At least we are now back with a fresh edition of everyone’s favourite digital publication…  Let’s get stuck in.



Thank you for your support during these challenging times. Though Queensland seems to be relatively untouched by COVID we want to remain vigilant.  As such we would like to remind everyone of the following;

  • Please wash your hands upon arriving at the gym.​
  • Please continue to wipe down all equipment that you have used during group training sessions.
  • Please be aware of the two antibacterial wipe stations in the downstairs area and the antibacterial wipe bucket in the upstairs area of the gym.  Use them early and often. 
  • Please bring your own water bottle & towel to each session.


Group Fitness Class Size Increase from 6 to 8

We are excited to be seeing 5-6 members regularly attending sessions. As the gym grows we want to avoid anyone being unable to train at their preferred time.  A week ago we ordered equipment to setup two more stations.  The squat stands have arrived!  We have taped out two additional red boxes in the area in front of the whiteboard and these mobile stations will be able to be deployed as needed.  The downstairs studio area is 116m2 so with a maximum class size of 8 we still have 14.5m2 per attendee.

You will see the class size in Influx increase to 8 for everyday excluding the day where we bench press. Once we receive the additional benches all classes will be at the same capacity. 


Upstairs Open Gym

“Upstairs Open Gym” has been setup via Influx and allows members to do their own training in the upstairs studio while group fitness classes are running.

When utilising Upstairs Open Gym please be sure not to encroach upon any group fitness session going on below.  The equipment upstairs is somewhat limited at this stage however we are purchasing more as it becomes clear exactly what is needed and is available from our suppliers.  We welcome your feedback on any equipment you feel should be added to this area.


Friday Afternoon 5.30pm

We have switched this session to an “Off Peak” classification.  This gives our Off Peak members a chance to book a class on Friday night as there is no 6.30pm class.  We look forward to seeing you for the “party time” Friday night session.  Where else would you want to be!


7 Day Free Trial

We have setup a 7 day free trial which appears as a popup on the website.  We are working to trim it down so that our software does not require so many details (such as payment information) for a membership which is free.  If you know of anyone who would like to access a 7 day free trial at W.E.S. they can do so via the website or contact us directly.


Google/Facebook Reviews

As we attempt to build our online presence the importance of online reviews has been highlighted. Fitness businesses sometimes offer discounts or promotions in exchange for five star reviews. This feels a bit dirty and contrived so we have avoided it.  If you feel comfortable leaving us a genuine review we appreciate it. Below are links for;


Google Review;


Facebook Review;


Reopening Party

At the beginning of the COVID lockdown Joel went rogue and declared their would be a W.E.S. reopening party in September.  Although the lockdown has now officially ended in Queensland we are going to stick to this date for a belated ‘reopening’ party and all around W.E.S. social event.  We hope to see everyone there and promise to provide a delicious feast.​


Facebook Group

A reminder that we are still actively using the W.E.S Members Facebook group page. The running squad and weekly Sunday Stretch sessions are continuing to be posted. Although a few weeks have been missed, we are back on track now. If you are not member of the group, search ‘W.E.S Members’ on Facebook to join.  


Chalk Balls

We have removed the communal chalk buckets from the gym floor. As we start to build back to our heavier lifting there may come a time where you would like to use chalk. The alternative we are offering is your own personal chalk ball. If you are interested in one please send an email to;

The gym will provide the chalk balls but we will ask that you keep it as part of your training supplies/in your training bag. We don’t want to store a pile of chalk balls as that will defeat the purpose of keeping the chalk hygienic.  


Welcome New Members

Finally, we would like to welcome the new members who have joined us over the last couple of weeks. It is great to see your fresh faces in the group sessions.  Thank you to our existing crew for making the new members feel welcome.

As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 


Enjoy the rest of the week. 

Jess & Joel