Newsletter July 2019

A collection of kettlebells lined up on a Rogue storage shelf.


Greetings W.E.S. Members,

Welcome to our first newsletter.   We are preparing to take the gym to the next level and want to keep everyone up to date. Let’s get straight into it.


General Training Structure

By now most of you are familiar with our Group programming structure week to week. We focus on one of the major lifts four sessions a week.  The lift forms the core of the days program and we accessorise with either a complimentary strength piece, accessory piece or a short conditioning piece.


Cardio Sessions

We love lifting weights but recognise it is not sustainable in the long run more than four days a week.  So on two days of the week, usually Thursday and Saturday we emphasise cardiovascular fitness and mental toughness.

The benefits of doing cardio for your long term health are widely documented. From an athletic perspective we want to have a strong cardiovascular engine to drive the powerful machine built with weightlifting.  From a mental perspective we are great believers in the value of doing hard things on a regular basis. It builds resiliency and will benefit you in all aspects of your life.  We challenge you to try to front up to either Thursday or Saturday each week and encourage you to get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Secondary Training Focus

Throughout each month of programming we like to have areas of movement to focus on. In June we continued an emphasis on core activation which we started in May. We began a focus on handstand work and front squat positioning. In July you can look forward to thoracic mobility work as well as opportunities to develop your rope climbs.


Upcoming Strength Testing

We will be scheduling 1RM testing the week of August 5th – 10th and will work on building up our strength numbers between now and then.  Testing allows us to quantify the strength improvements achieved at our West End gym, helps maintain motivation and ensures that the hard work you are putting in at training is producing results.


Using Beyond the Whiteboard to log lifts/workouts

The two main goals we have for using a fitness tracker are;

1.  Ensure steady increase or “progressive overload” for strength training.  This helps underwrite consistent, steady strength growth and also guards against injuries.

2.  Allow trainers to keep an eye on how you are doing and analyse what is and is not working for you individually.

If you don’t want to use the app we encourage you to keep track of a rough 1RM for your four major lifts and never to exceed previous milestones by more than 10%.



We have been running for just over 7 months now and want to thank everyone for their support during our start up phase. There have been a few clunky moments that you have all put up with which we really appreciate (see family gastro outbreak/silent coaching episode).


Fitness Events

We are looking to get involved in some kind of fitness event.  If you have any suggestions we are keen to hear them.

If you have any feedback or questions please don’t hesitate to let Joel or myself know.

We feel privileged to have such a great group of members training at W.E.S.  We are so proud of the culture that has already been built and the goals we are regularly seeing achieved.

Thanks for your support.  We look forward to many future milestones and thank you for entrusting us to guide you on the journey to be your strongest and healthiest selves.


Your trainers,

Jess & Joel