Newsletter February 2020

A long shot showing a number of members performing steps ups on boxes.


Good afternoon everyone, 

Welcome to February. We hope you have all settled into the New Year at West End Strength. 

We were a little slow to get the January news out, so here is our first instalment of W.E.S news for the year combined as Jan/Feb.  


W.E.S. & B.C.C.

Usually this section is buried towards the end but we start off with some pretty exciting news. We are very happy to announce that we received our Development Approval from Brisbane City Council.  Our West End gym is here to stay, in its current form and location and is approved to operate from 5am to 10pm!!

We really appreciate the support of everyone during the time of uncertainty.   It’s a great way to start the year and we look forward to the opportunities this will allow for us to build the W.E.S community.



Technique: Power Cleans

Over the past three weeks we have introduced the power clean technique and have been breaking down this movement. We will start to work a strength focus on the power clean in the coming weeks and then build the movement into our conditioning pieces. 

Why have we introduced this technique?

1) In our survey we received feedback that there was interest in some Olympic lifting movements. I have been keen to build the power clean into our programming and this prompted the initial technique phase.

2) The power clean is a full body movement that can be used to build power and aerobic capacity. The biggest tip on this technique is to be patient with the positions and go slow with your weight increases. 

Strength: Hypertrophy

Since starting back for the year we have been working on building our foundational strength through hypertrophy strength training (lower weight, higher reps). This week we have seen the reps and sets change into 6 x 6 as we work towards building strength in our lifts. This first cycle will continue until early March where we will then look to adjust the strength focus. 

Aerobic Capacity & Conditioning

You may have noticed that the Thursday sessions are alternating every two weeks. At the moment we have one week focused on the cardio intervals and the second week of cardio and 1 or 2 body-weight or weighted movements. We look forward to seeing you get stuck into these sessions.


W.E.S T-Shirts

Our order from the T-Shirt Mill has been completed and has arrived.  If you placed an order please see us in the gym to collect your shirts.

If you missed out on a critical piece of attire, fear not as further orders will be forthcoming. 


Hounds in the Gym

During the DA process we asked that dogs be kept out of the gym. We feel now there is a bit more freedom for the hounds and are happy to have them in the gym space. We are trialling setting up dogs near the back door. It is important we ensure the space we are providing for training is safe for our members so we ask that dogs be kept on a lead whilst in the gym space. 


Filming in the Gym 

This Saturday, 8th February, there will be filming at the gym before, during and after the group training session. The footage will be used to make some videos which we can put on our website and use as the basis for some short ads.  We have a good session planned, we hope you can join us. If you do not wish to be filmed/photographed please let us know.

As always, if you have any questions or feedback please get in touch. 

We look forward to a strong start to the decade in your training endeavours.

Enjoy your week!


Your trainers,

Jess & Joel.