Newsletter December 2019

A group of gym members on various cardio machines working out in a timed session.


Good afternoon W.E.S Crew, 

We are in our final full week of training with Christmas just around the corner. This is the last instalment of W.E.S news for 2019. 


Christmas Party 

Thank you to everyone who came along and celebrated our first Christmas party. We really appreciate the support we have received throughout the year. We highly value our communities and are very excited about what is building at W.E.S. 


Member Survey

Thank you to everyone that participated and provided their feedback in the member survey. We really appreciate it. If you didn’t receive the survey and would like to participate let me know. 

Your feedback has given us lots to think about over the holiday period. Some great ideas filtered through and we look forward to implementing some of them in the year.

We also wanted to mention we are open to your feedback at anytime throughout the year. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to get in touch (email, text or in person).


Welcome Billy

We are very excited to welcome Billy Forbes to the West End Strength gym team.  Billy has an insatiable passion for fitness and life.  He is an inspiring human with a wealth of knowledge to share.  We know you will benefit from Billy’s input, please join us in welcoming him to the W.E.S community. 


W.E.S T-shirts

You have most likely noticed your trainers wearing new W.E.S T-shirts and singlets. We will be putting together an order in the New Year for anyone who would like to be decked out in W.E.S apparel. Further details to come, but for now keep an eye out for the shirts being worn in the gym to think about any styles you find interesting. 


Member Spotlight – PT Client Christine Ludwig

Christine midway through hiking 20km in snowy and extremely windy conditions in Torres Del Paine National Park (Argentina). Christine takes part in personal training sessions with us at the gym.


Christmas Holiday Workout Ideas

The Christmas period can be an opportunity to take a bit of downtime from weight training and to use the strength and fitness you have built over the year in other ways. But for those keen to keep some kind of conditioning up I am putting together some low/no equipment workouts to keep you going over the holidays. Keep an eye out for the email which will be sent before Christmas. 


Reminder – Christmas Closure Dates

Our last day of group training for the year at our West End gym will be Monday 23rd December, we are no longer going to be open on Tuesday 24th. We will now be closed from Tuesday 24/12 reopening Thursday 2nd January 2020 (full details below). For the open gym days we will provide a workout on the board for you to get stuck into. 

  • Mon 23/12: Group Classes – 5am, 6am, 9:30am & 5:30pm

  • Tues 24/12: CLOSED

  • Wed 25/12: CLOSED

  • Thurs 26/12: CLOSED

  • Fri 27/12: CLOSED

  • Sat 28/12: CLOSED

  • Mon 30/12: CLOSED

  • Tues 31/12: CLOSED

  • Wed 01/01: CLOSED

  • Thurs 02/01: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Fri 03/01: Open Gym – 6am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Sat 04/01: Open Gym – 7am – 10am, No Group Sessions

  • Mon 06/01: Back to full schedule


We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for training with us throughout 2019.  It is a great privilege to be your guides and to be part of such a rich community with so many unique and interesting people.

It has been a great first year.  We hope you have enjoyed the beginning and we look forward to taking things to the next level. Enjoy the break, eat up, stay cool and enjoy some rest.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Years and look forward to seeing you in 2020.


Your trainers, 

Jess & Joel