Newsletter August + September 2020

Row of air bikes in gym settings

Good afternoon Everyone,

It has been almost two months since our last newsletter…

Lots has happened and there is much to discuss.  Let’s get stuck into it.

Coach Amanda

We are proud to announce we have made another addition to our all star coaching team.

Amanda Minelle has over ten years experience in the fitness industry.  More importantly she is fit, motivated, knowledgeable and has a contagious passion for training hard.

You may have already met Amanda back in early August as she began shadowing some group sessions.  She will be taking on the Tuesday evening sessions from this week but expect to see her establish a few more regular slots on the roster over the coming months.

Amanda has a lot to offer and we look forward to seeing what she can do for you.  Please join us in welcoming Amanda to the coaching team and making her feel at home in the W.E.S community.

Instagram Follower Promotion

It has been a slow and steady build but we are excited to announce that W.E.S. has reached the monumental milestone of 200 Instagram followers!!!!

We would like to do some kind of goofy, self mocking promotion such as Jess/Billy/Carola/Joel/yourself will do 50m/one burpee etc. per follower.  We are planning to execute the challenge on Saturday the 19th of September at 8 am.

This means you can take part by actively getting involved in the challenge on the day.  Or you could participate by rounding up a couple of new followers who might be interested then sitting back and watching your coaches/fellow gym members grit out the challenge.

We are still canvassing for the exact concept so please let us know if you have any ideas or would like to get involved.

7 Day Free Trial

A reminder regarding the 7 Day Free Trial pass we are running. If you have a friend or family member who is looking to join a gym, this is a great way for them to get a sense of the offering at West End Strength. There is no obligation to join.


We are now five weeks into our Strength Power phase having previously worked away on our foundational strength. You would have noticed that our strength rep schemes and percentages are slightly different and are often followed up by an explosive powerful movement. Our goal with this phase is to use the strength we built in the previous phase, and work on moving the weights in an explosive/powerful way.

There has also been a slight change in the daily structured programming. For example we are currently alternating Mondays and Tuesday week to week. So one week Monday will be GPP and Tuesday Strength, the next week Monday will be Strength and Tuesday GPP. The main reason for this is for members who come on certain days each week get a mix of the style of programming.

We have three weeks left of our current phase, which we will then move into a strength cycle working towards a testing week in November. Now is the time to work on our movements and technique and build up a consistent routine with training as we lead up to the testing.

Cancellation & Booking Exclusion

As the gym has started to really take off our group fitness classes are getting fuller.  We now regularly reach capacity and have had a couple of sessions where the gym has ended up overbooked.

Please ensure you are booking in for the sessions you would like to attend. If you know you are unable to attend a session, please cancel your booking as soon as possible so this open ups spots for other members.

Upstairs Studio

We have redefined the “Upstairs Studio” to a “Light Training Zone”. The training area has been completely matted and is a space for stretching, cardio, body weight exercise, light resistance training and other activities which do not involve heavy weighted movements.

There are two main reasons for this;

1.  The mezzanine floor is not as strong as the gym floor below and we are likely to experience structural issues if heavy Barbell’s and Kettlebell’s are coming into contact with the floor.

2.  The empty space next door now has a tenant who should be moving in shortly.  We were traumatised enough by our first noise complaint experience so will curb the noise upstairs in an effort not to have another.

While this may restrict members from doing their major lifting in open gym work upstairs the gym will always be running either group classes or open gym down stairs so that you can get your daily fix of iron.

Cleaning Equipment

Thank you to everyone for continuing to be diligent with the cleaning of the gym equipment. We know it takes a little bit of extra time, but we appreciate your support in maintaining a high level of cleanliness during this time.

We have noticed a couple of the PM5 monitors of the Concept2 equipment displaying some warping. Please avoid directly spraying the screens of the monitors with the disinfectant bottles.  Please use the wipes or wet paper towel to wipe the monitors.

Social Event

Book it in, our ‘reopening party’ is happening. Saturday 3rd October.

This is not a prank.  This is not some drunken rant by a disenfranchised Joel sobbing into his mobile and making wild posts/declarations.

We are yet to finalise the most magnificent cuisine but the date will be the 3rd of October.

Display Screen

You may or may not have noticed the new 55″ LED display screen in the space where the whiteboard use to stand.  We hope to use the display for a variety of purposes but for now we have it online and integrated with Beyond the Whiteboard.

When you come into the gym you should see the strength and conditioning components of the days workout on the screen.  You will also see the results of the members who have completed the workout earlier in the day scrolling past.

We take this opportunity to mention the display and to remind you of the benefits of logging your workouts, particularly your strength training.

The basic BTWB function shows the training that you have done but also shows the overall number of sessions you have done at the gym and assigns you a progress bar for the “committed club”.  12 sessions a month gets you in the club and makes everyone else who comes to the gym admire your hard work and dedication!

Thanks so much for your continued support. If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch.


Jess & Joel