Newsletter August 2019

An equipment rack is shown with training and slam balls on top of kettlebells.


Greetings W.E.S. Members, 

We have braved the depths of our first Brisbane winter.  Thanks to everyone who has continued to get up and come to training in the face of the cold and dark mornings. 

If you have backed off a little this winter it’s not the end of the world.  We train hard here at our gym in West End to allow for some downtime but the best time to refocus mentally and get stuck into a new block of training is always now.


Upcoming Strength Testing

This week  we are 1RM testing carrying on from our testing last month. This is your opportunity to test after your most recent cycles of strength training. Although it is always nice to hit a new 1RM it is not worth focusing on aggressively.  Listen to your body, lift well and see how you go.   If the lift isn’t feeling right at a certain weight don’t keep pushing.  A good alternative is to try for a 3RM or 5RM if that feels more comfortable.


General Training Structure

We have worked consistently on the four major lifts since about February. Over the next two months we will be varying this structure.  Each week you can expect to see;

◦        Two double strength days

◦        One strength & short conditioning day

◦        One cardio focus day

◦        One longer conditioning day

◦        One partner/team focus day


Secondary Training Focus

Thanks for getting stuck into rope climbs during July.  It was great to see so much improvement in technique and progress made getting comfortable on the rope.  It’s exciting for us to see so many of you climbing well. For those of you still getting comfortable great job also.  The act of having a go at something you have not done before and/or are not sure you will be able to do is a major achievement in its own right. If you experience stiffness in your upper back hopefully you can use some of the thoracic mobility movements we went through to help address this.

Throughout the next month we will be working on  hamstring mobility and shoulder health.



This month we have our first W.E.S catch up.  Join us Saturday 10th August for a team workout (7am) with breakfast to follow (8:15am). If you have a rule against training on Saturday you are welcome to  come along just for some food and a catch up with your fellow W.E.S members.


Ekka Public Holiday

We will be open Wednesday 14th August for a 7am Group session and  open gym until 9:30am.


Your trainers, 

Jess & Joel