Newsletter April 2020

A scene showing the gym floor with a number of members training on equipment.


Good afternoon everyone, 

We hope you all had a lovely weekend.

It’s been great to see many of your faces in our new Online Training sessions and Sunday stretch session via Zoom.  The Friday “Coffee Break” on Instagram live also felt like a successful experiment. 

We hope those of you who we haven’t seen are healthy, happy and are managing to keep up some form of training.

We do not know how long the current government restrictions forcing the closure of our West End gym will last.  When they were initially launched the conditions and definitions were ambiguous and changed rapidly.  They do now seem to have settled and set to be in place for the short term at least.

There are a lot of uncertainties we must all deal with at this unprecedented time in our lives.  It is easy to fall into the trap of worrying about things that are out of your control.

Trying to maintain structure in your day seems like a good starting point in 2020. If you find yourself feeling down or longing for a return to ‘normal’ try to channel that into a resolve to appreciate those things more when the shutdown ends.

For now you can find physical or mental pursuits which you know you will enjoy but would not have had time for in your ‘normal’ life.  If nothing springs to mind here are some ideas;

1.  Starting a meditation practice.

2.  Establishing a daily block of time to work on your mobility.

3.  Committing to some rehab or accessory exercises you know you should be doing.

4.  Reading a book, picking up an instrument or playing a card/board game.

But enough of the philosophical ramblings. 

Our main goal with this newsletter is to clarify the types of training and programming support we can offer for the duration of the shutdown.


Online Programming & Training

We have been primarily focused on providing online training and support to our group fitness members.  At this stage we have also decided to commence outdoor personal training. Our offerings as an online gym and outdoor personal training service are as follows;

Online Bodyweight Program ($10 p/week or Free for pre shutdown members)

While the gym is closed Jess’s daily bodyweight program will be free for all members.  If you don’t have any equipment at home you can still get a great workout with bodyweight training and preserve your strength/mobility.

There will be daily posts in the ‘W.E.S Members’ Facebook group.  They will include demonstration videos and a breakdown of the session.

If you are doing these sessions and wish to contribute/comment/complain in the Facebook group please go right ahead. We would love to see some photos, videos and comments relating to these workouts.

If you see some unfamiliar faces they are new online members training with us from somewhere in the world.  We were very happy to have drop ins from the UK and USA recently!

Online Equipment Based Program ($35 p/week – BYO Equipment)

We have now dispersed all of the gym equipment amongst our members and the gym is virtually empty.  At this stage we are unable to provide more equipment.

The equipment based online programming is available to new online members for $35 p/week (BYO equipment).  If you see unfamiliar faces in the class please welcome any new online members joining us.

We have bought more cardio and are working to circulate the machines fairly amongst those paying for the equipment based program.  If you have a piece of cardio but are not using it please let us know.  Please do your best to care for the gear and let us know if you are concerned about anything.  We will introduce a longer term maintenance plan if the current situation persists.

“Personal” Training

Many of our existing PT clients have been in touch saying they would like to adapt their old training regime for the outdoors or online but continue with a “face to face” PT training format.  We are prioritising slots for our existing clients online via Zoom or in person at a park.

If you would like to book a slot and use it as a consultation to review your program/plan/goals/etc. rather than to actively do a session you are most welcome.

If you’re interested in PT with any of the trainers please contact us.  We offer 45 and 60 minute sessions.

We have opened up both of our online programmes to be available to anyone interested in starting some at home training. If you know of anyone, please feel free to pass on our contact details. We would love to have a chat about how W.E.S can help keep them moving.  


Apps & Technology


This is the third week of “Online Group Fitness” daily Zoom sessions. From the feedback we have received they seem to be working well.  We hope those of you who are attending are feeling the extra social benefit of the live sessions.

If you haven’t joined one of these sessions yet or were not aware of them we would love to have you check them out.  It’s a great  way to provide some structure to your day, allows us to keep an eye on your technique and is a great opportunity to check in with your other W.E.S. members.

Beyond the Whiteboard and Influx

We are still using both our training app and booking system. 

The booking system Influx has been updated to reflect the Zoom sessions. If you could start booking in for your daily sessions we would appreciate it.  If you need any help with this please let us know.

You can also continue to log your training sessions in BTWB. Feel free to log any other personal strength or other training you are doing.  BTWB is your tool to use in any way to facilitate your fitness goals. You can see what other members have been up to or maybe get some inspiration, and you never know we may use a member inspired workout in our programming. 


Running Squad

Prior to the shutdown we were keen to register a group of W.E.S members for a running event. Part of this would have been to create a training group, with the idea to catch up weekly or fortnightly and run together. Although there may not be a running event in the near future and we are not able to run together, I thought we could create a virtual running squad instead. 

The idea would be to schedule one run a week, get it done anytime during the week, and post/chat about your run. The goal is to create motivation and a check in on progress if you enjoy running or would like to get back into it. 

Everyone is welcome to join, even if you are more of a fast paced walker. I will post some information on Facebook as the idea evolves.


W.E.S Community

It is great to see the interactions happening on the Facebook Group.  Smaller groups are getting online together and getting stuck into different challenges.  The general support and encouragement being thrown around is amazing.

If you have any ideas on or contributions you would like to make around maintaining, enriching and building our community during this online phase please let us know.

We hope you and your family are happy and well. 

Keep up the training.


Your trainers,

Jess & Joel